Collective social art project about self-isolation
Izohouse is the Instagram house where creators experiencing the lockdown.

• Each post is an apartment.
• Every talented creator can make an apartment and move in.
• Each advertiser or brand can make an apartment and move in
if he will make a donation to the fund that helps doctors and retirees.

Each post is an creator's apartment with a unique design.
Together, in the IG profile grid, these apartments form the facade of the virtual house with the 4th wall removed. The isolation life of the authors is at a glance.
The creative task is to depict personal isolation in the apartment template.

What happens in the apartment, how it looks, how interaction with neighbors happens, is decided and portrayed by its author.

1) Create a virtual symbol of self-isolation.
2) Help with creativity.
3) Just make a cool collective
art thing.
How to move in?
For creators
You will need: an idea, knowledge of graphic programs and a geometric apartment template in .PSD format (button below). Depict your self-isolation in these three walls. There are no restrictions on the style. This can be illustration, photo montage, 3D.
Finished apartments can be sent here.
For brands
The same as for the creators. Only for accommodation you need to donate to the «Ready to Help project», which helps doctors and retirees.

If you do not have the technical ability to draw an apartment - just contact our talented tenants!
Application for settlers
Here you can download the apartment
Your name and IG proflie
How is your self-isolation?
Mini interviews, no answer required.
What would you advise to other people?
Who would you like to see among your neighbors?
You can mention with @
Download your apparment here!
In the file name, mention your IG profile.
A small guide for creators
1. Objects must be placed in the room completely, without cutting their borders.
2. If you doubt about a object's geometry, such as a shelf, draw lines from the room centre.
2. All surfaces in the file are smart objects. Each can be opened by double-clicking and editing.
3. That's the whole guide!
Section abouth the good
Help is near
"Help is near" - a project to support russian medical and social services, which turned out to be a difficult situation due to the coronavirus pandemic. We are ready to arrange transportation of doctors, delivery of medicines, products, essential goods and tests for coronavirus.
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Andrey Buzina
Responsible for the charity section.
Andrey is the owner of the Smetana agency, which made the best russian charity project of last year - Dobroshrift.
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